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8 Activities to Get Your Kids Out of the House This Summer

For most of us, summer break is finally here! Many of you parents may have heard the dreaded “I’m bored” multiple times so far.  In order to combat the boredom; I’ve compiled a list of eight activities to get your kids up and moving (and out of the house)!

  • Picnic at the park. This one can be fun for the entire family.  Older kids can just enjoy the scenery, use the walking trail, take a bike ride, etc. And younger kids can have fun playing at the playground, riding their bike, looking for bugs, etc.  Be sure to pack lots of yummy treats for the picnic!
  • Take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. This is my daughter’s favorite activity.  We take a walk nearly every day.  It’s a great way to get in some exercise!
  • Grill for dinner! Get your kids involved. Cooking is a great way to teach many skills.  Let them go to the grocery store and pick out all the items on the list for dinner.  You can discuss budget, meal planning, and time management.  Once it’s time to prepare the food, you can explain the importance of not cross contaminating raw meat, washing hands, and cooking meat to the proper temperature.  This one meal is a way to sneak in a math AND science lesson! We have to be sneaky to keep those little minds working in the summer!
  • Plant flowers. This is another way to sneak in some science.  But the kids will also enjoy digging in the dirt, picking out the flowers, and picking out a pretty pot.  Once the flowers have been planted, it can be the child’s special job to make sure they are watered each day!  This will give them some responsibility.
  • Mow the yard. This is probably not considered a fun activity, but it’s one that has to be done!  For older kids, they can actually be responsible for the mowing and/or weed eating.  For younger kids that are not big enough for this chore, they can help prepare the yard for mowing.  Having them walk with you through the yard and pick up any sticks, trash, toys that may be in the yard.  Younger kids will also enjoy riding along on the lawnmower, or pushing a bubble mower in another area of the yard.
  • Clean out the sandbox. Again, this may be more of a choir; but once it’s done, there will be a reward of plenty of fun! You may need to replace the sand from last year, or just pick out any leaves and bugs that may have found their way under the cover of the box.  I always put some cinnamon in the sand box to deter bugs.
  • Go shopping for summer clothes and shoes! Depending on your child, this may either be a reward or punishment! My oldest daughter LOVES to shop! Hit up the sales, find some great buys. I always try and find cheap play clothes that my girls can play in and I won’t have to worry if they get stained or torn.  After all, it’s summer time! This time of year is meant to be outside playing!
  • Make a bird feeder! Now for some of you crafty people out there, you may actually construct the birdhouse yourself! Others may want to buy the birdhouse already built and just give it a coat of paint or some cute decorations.

No matter what activities you find yourself doing this summer, just be sure to savor every moment with your family!  These are the moments you will always cherish!  Make these sweet memories while you can!

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