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Baby Wipes: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

As a momma of two girls, I feel as though I am an expert in all things diaper related.  There’s no telling how many diapers I have changed in my lifetime. When I was given a baby shower for my youngest daughter, I received several different brands of baby wipes.  Today, I thought I would give a brief rundown of the baby wipes I have recently used. I will look at the texture, smell, and cost of the wipe.

Up first is: Huggies Simply Clean Fresh Scented Baby Wipes Soft Pack, 72 Count.

The pros: I enjoy the scent of this product.  Just as it is named, it has a very mild, fresh scent.  It keeps a baby smelling like a baby.  I also like that the Huggies brand is widely available.  If you are loyal to the Huggies brand, you will be able to find the product at just about any store that sells baby supplies.  Huggies has a loyalty program as well.  I am always excited when companies have loyalty programs for products that I use everyday. The cost of these wipes is comparable to the other main brand of wipes in the industry.

The cons: I personally do not like the thickness and the texture of the Huggies wipes.  In my opinion, they are just too thick for diaper messes.  The thickness is great for cleaning up messes made by older children, from dirty faces to craft projects.  However, for babies, I do not prefer a thick wipe.  I feel like I end up using more of the wipes made with a thicker material than I do with wipes made of a softer, more pliable material.

Second is: Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive .

The pros: Similar to Huggies, I like several things about the Pampers baby wipes. I like the easy availability of the wipes.  The cost is comparable to Huggies.  There are more affordable options out there, but I still feel like the Pampers brand is not overly costly.  I love the smell of all of the Pampers wipes.  The Baby Fresh scent is my favorite.  I like that they have a sensitive line available, even though both of my girls never had sensitivity problems.  We use all of the wipes across the brand.  I love the loyalty program with Pampers.  The points add up quickly, they have an easy to use app, and you can cash in the points for items that you will actually use.  I like that you don’t need to earn million points to be able to get the rewards.  The biggest compliment I have of the Pampers wipes is that they are very thin in comparison to the Huggies wipes.  The material seems much softer for using on a baby tush.  They are much more pliable.  I don’t use as many wipes per poopy diaper with the Pampers brand.

The cons:  These wipes are more expensive than dollar store brands, but I’d prefer to pay a higher price for the quality.  Pampers are my wipe of choice, so I do not see many cons with this product.

Third is:Young Living Seedlings- Baby Wipes 72 ct

The pros:  The smell of these baby wipes is great ; but they are VERY fragrant.  It is a sweet, flowery perfume scent.  Essential Oils have proven to have some great benefits.  This is an all natural product, and I know that is very important for some families. The texture of this wipe is similar to the Pampers wipes; thin and pliable.   This was a baby shower gift, and I probably would not have purchased these for myself.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to try a new product.

The cons: Although I enjoy the scent of these wipes, I can see where some people would prefer not to have such a strong fragrance for a baby wipe.  The cost is so much more expensive than Pampers or Huggies.  Even though I enjoyed using the product, I cannot justify the cost for everyday diapering supplies.

No matter what brand of wipes you decide to use with your little ones, I suggest you stock up early! Before my second baby was born, I believe that I ended up with about 6,000 wipes. I was given wipes at my baby shower, and then I began buying small items as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  Each time I went to the store I would buy a pack of wipes, or diapers, or soap, lotion, etc.  Just one or two small priced items so that I could be building  a stockpile during the pregnancy.   I prefer to buy the large boxes of wipes with refills to put into my wipes container on the changing table.  I also buy the wipes that have a pop top, so that I can close the container they come in.  I buy these in bulk as well.  This are great for throwing into the diaper bag.

I hope that you enjoyed this list of baby products.  Check back soon for another list of products that I use!


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