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8 Activities to Get Your Kids Out of the House This Summer

For most of us, summer break is finally here! Many of you parents may have heard the dreaded “I’m bored” multiple times so far.  In order to combat the boredom; I’ve compiled a list of eight activities to get your kids up and moving (and out of the house)! Picnic at the park. This one… Continue reading 8 Activities to Get Your Kids Out of the House This Summer

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Scandals & Bribery; Just Another Day

You may have been hearing about all of the debauchery, bribery, and scandalous behavior going on in my life the past few years.  The rumors are true! My mom and I have been hosting Murder Mystery dinner parties!.  These events are much anticipated by those that attend each event.  They have grown in popularity and… Continue reading Scandals & Bribery; Just Another Day


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This time of year, most folks are planning their friendsgiving celebrations! This is a time for close friends to get together and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. I love that this is a thing now. It's great for friends get together for a good meal, and celebrate their friendship. Do you know what's better than having… Continue reading Family, Food, & Fellowship