Fall Carnival

Last night I took my kids to the local high school to attend the annual Fall Carnival. This event is the main fundraiser for the marching band. We try and be as active in our community as we can. I knew Big Girl (my oldest daughter) would have a blast since we were going to meet up with her “boyfriend” at the carnival. I was excited to spend some time with his mom. We live in a small town, so we’ve been acquaintances for quite some time now. But we’ve started forming more of a friendship since our kids ended up in the same class together.

I feel like we are at that awkward stage of a friendship. It’s still new, we’re still learning about each other. I feel like she’s a cool person, and I want to have her as a mom friend. But I don’t want to seem too excited about the possibility! I feel like we have similar personalities and will get along great. But at the same time, I don’t want to say something that may offend her, or make her think I’m a crazy person. Does anyone else feel like that in the beginning of a new friendship?

The kids had a blast! They spent their tickets as quick as they could! They went fishing for prizes, jumped in the bounce house a few times, had their hair spray painted. Big Girl went with blue, her favorite color. The boyfriend went with red. They were so cute! They had temporary tattoos put on, they played the ring toss. Big Girl won a 2-liter of soda. She chose Mt. Dew, of course!

After the boyfriend and his mom went home, I was ready to play some BINGO!!! This event is known for its awesome prizes! Local businesses and individuals always donate a ton of prizes for the event. Each hand of bingo will have multiple items bundled together for the prize. Most of the prizes are gift certificates, which is always awesome! I played a few games and luck was definitely NOT on my side! We spent the rest of the evening visiting our close friends at the bingo table. It was a great night!

I love having events that I attend each year! The fall season is always full of exciting things to be a part of! From football games to hayrides. Pumpkin patches to haunted houses. There is never a dull moment this time of year!

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