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This time of year, most folks are planning their friendsgiving celebrations! This is a time for close friends to get together and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. I love that this is a thing now. It’s great for friends get together for a good meal, and celebrate their friendship. Do you know what’s better than having a friendsgiving once a year? Having it every week!

I know what you’re thinking; “plan a big meal once a week with friends? No way! That’s too much work!” I promise once you get used to this weekly time of fellowship, your week will feel incomplete without it!

Big Girl and Nanny having one of their weekly chats.

When my grandfather died four years ago, we started having a family dinner with my Nanny once a week, so that she would have some company to look forward to each week. At the time, this dinner was only attended by my parents, myself, and my oldest daughter. On occasion, my brother and his family would attend when he was in town. However, two years ago we started inviting a few close friends to this weekly dinner. We have been going strong ever since! We will have our dinner every single Wednesday night, religiously! It is rare that we miss a week! We all look forward to our time together mid-week! It’s a great time to sit and visit, and to have a yummy homemade meal.

The ladies filling their plates. We always have a ton of food!

There are 10 of us who attend each week; but that number can grow to as many as 20 on any given week depending on if my brother and his family attend, or if we invite someone to join us. But we are 10-strong every week, without fail. The way we plan this out, is that we decide on a menu for each week. Usually on Monday, we send out a group text and the ladies decide what to have. Then each person volunteers what dish to bring. By each family bringing one dish, it makes this weekly gathering very affordable and also easy to execute. Since one person does not get stuck with all of the cooking, it makes it much easier to get together mid-week for something like this.

We always have a great visit.

My favorite time during our weekly dinner is when one of us celebrates a birthday or there is a holiday. For a birthday, we always have birthday cake, balloons, and gifts. For holidays, we celebrate accordingly per the holiday. For Christmas, we will play dirty Santa. Last year it got pretty heated over a few items! The guys were trying to steal the tools from one another.

Boomer was the most recent birthday celebration.

After two years of this weekly dinner, there are a few things that we have all come to expect each week. 1) Susan will always make dessert and it will always be delicious! 2) Stephanie and Boomer will always be late! 3) The ladies will be too busy talking and the guys will come interrupt us saying they are ready to go home. We then have to tell them we have not cleaned the kitchen yet. They grumble, and go back to the den and watch sports for another hour. 4) Stephanie and I will pull out our phones and have fun with Snapchat filters. I always try and sneak a picture of Mom with a silly filter. This always results in a good laugh by the ladies!

Stephanie and I having fun with Snapchat filters on the way home from Boomer’s birthday dinner.

These weekly dinners have become something that I love so much! I’ve had so many good laughs during this 2-3 hour visit that we have. I have snorted more times than I can count. Yes, I snort when I laugh hard. I’m so happy to have such a great tradition with my family and friends. They are truly my tribe!

Mother/daughter selfie!

My girls enjoy getting to see Precious, the family horse. When my brother and his family are able to attend, all of the grandkids get to play together. They don’t realize it at the time, but they are creating bonds and memories that they will cherish for a lifetime! I know this, because I have made the same memories with my cousins.

Big Girl feeding Precious an apple.
Precious never turns down a selfie!

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I’m sure we will have an extra special weekly meal on Wednesday. There will likely be closer to 20 (maybe more) for our meal. There is always a little bit of crazy when you have that many people under one roof. Check back next week for an update!

Please be mindful of this holiday and remember to truly be thankful for all of the things you have. Don’t get too caught up in the holidays and allow yourself to be stressed out. Enjoy the time with family and friends. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Cherish these precious memories you are making with your loved ones. Take lots of pictures!

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