Halloween Shenanigans

I love Halloween! It is such a fun holiday! I love all of the activities in October that lead up to Halloween! I enjoy all of the spooky decorations. I enjoy the pumpkins and the cooler weather! You have to try on silly masks and costumes in the store! Foxes are very trendy right now. So when the Fox family spots these fox masks at Target, you have some fun with them!

Going through haunted houses and watching horror movies are the best!!! But I must confess, I have not done either in four years! It’s amazing how much life changes when you have babies! Instead of haunted houses and horror flicks, my family enjoyed pumpkin patches and a school party. We carved and decorated pumpkins. I attempted a popular Pinterest version of a decorative pumpkin and failed horribly! We proudly displayed our pumpkins on the front porch.

I worked on Fishy Christmas’ costume for her very first Halloween! I love crafting and making my kid’s Halloween costume each year is something that I treasure. Since her nickname is Fishy, I felt it was only fitting to be a fish! I found the cutest costume on Pinterest and gathered up the supplies! After a few hours worth of work, spread out over a few days, and many burned fingertips; I finished her costume! I loved it! The fish costume was adorable!

The baby did not share the same excitement. She absolutely HATED the costume and screamed at the top of her lungs the entire time she was in it. My baby doesn’t scream and cry! She is the most chill baby I’ve ever been around. She is awesome! So it was not going to work for trick or treating!!! She’s not old enough for candy and it was pretty cold Halloween night. So it worked out better to just bundle her up and put her in the stroller while Big Girl went trick or treating.

Our Halloween festivities kicked off with Big Girl’s Halloween party at school. I’m so excited that she is old enough to finally have school parties! I’m fortunate to be able to attend all her events that take place during the day! I don’t want to miss a thing! I signed up to bring treat bags. The other parents also brought a ton of stuff. The class got the royal treatment! They were all so excited for the party and the endless supply of candy that was only hours away!

Fishy Christmas was in sensory overload in the colorful classroom with 24 loud four year olds running around! They all thought she was so cute. They wanted to talk to her, hold her, touch her! I’m not a freak about germs, but I had to kindly remind the kids to not her because we don’t want to spread germs to her since she’s still so young. This momma DOES NOT want a sick baby!!! She seemed to love all of the attention. She was all smiles for everyone that looked her way. She definitely knows how to work a room!

After school we went to have some costume photos taken with a local photographer. She got a few of Fishy in her fish costume while she screamed at the top of her lungs. Luckily before the fiasco, we were able to get some cute ones in her little Halloween outfit to commemorate her first Halloween. Big Girl was also able to take a few pictures with her “boyfriend”. These turned out so cute since they were both super heroes! Find her costume here and her shield here!  I captured a few candid photos with my phone while the photographer was snapping away!

We had a quick family dinner at a local restaurant with the girl’s dad and my parents. It was finally time to trick or treat! Big Girl was about to go crazy! She was so excited to get started! Our neighborhood is pretty great about handing out candy, so it’s always a popular area of town for the big night! We ran into many friends along the way. It was great getting to see so many cute kids dressed up and the families having such a great experience. I’m all about making memories!  Big Girl loves to play with her Captain America mask!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Big Girl couldn’t get enough of running up to each house to beg for candy! We ran into several of her classmates. Each time she grew more excited than the last. She made sure to hug each one that we saw. Each year, to complete our trick or treating, we have a few stops that we must make. The first stop is at Aunt Steph’s house. I became friends with her about two years ago, and the friendship just gets tighter and tighter. Aunt Steph and Uncle Boomer always have a huge package of candy for her to pour into her sack. Big Girl loves this! This year, Uncle Boomer had a mask. Big Girl had to try it on!  Find a similar mask here!

I’m so happy that creepy clowns and pretty much everything associated with Halloween does not scare Big Girl! She’s a brave girl! I’m hoping that in just a few years, she will be begging me to take her to haunted houses!


After our visit with Aunt Steph and Uncle Boomer, we had to go visit Nanny! She is very fond of my girls. They are the only great grandkids that she gets to see on a regular basis, so it didn’t take her long to form a special bond. We all love this lady so much!

We had a wonderful Halloween! It’s one I will never forget! So happy to be able to make these special memories with my girls!  Big Girl’s pumpkin bucket got plenty of use tonight!  We use these buckets after Halloween for toy storage.


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