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Scandals & Bribery; Just Another Day

You may have been hearing about all of the debauchery, bribery, and scandalous behavior going on in my life the past few years.  The rumors are true! My mom and I have been hosting Murder Mystery dinner parties!.  These events are much anticipated by those that attend each event.  They have grown in popularity and tend to be the talk of town following each event.

A murder mystery is similar to the game of Clue.  Each participant is assigned a character and given a short bio of their character as well as a very brief description of the other characters that will be participating.  You will also receive a few ideas on how to dress for the event.  This information is provided to participants around two weeks prior to the event so that they have plenty of time to prepare for their costume.  We always recommend going through your closets first to come up with a costume.  If you still need a piece or two to complete your look, we suggest one of our 3 local thrift stores. We want this to be a fun night out for everyone, not a stressful experience. You are not expected to rent a fancy and expensive costume. These events are just for fun, so please do not spend a great deal of money on a costume!

Once the big night arrives, you are to show up in character! As soon as you enter the building you can start interacting with the other participants.  As you arrive you will receive your first set of clues & objectives, a name badge, and $500 in mystery money! The mystery money can be used as hush money or bribery; anything goes on this night of mystery!

At some point in the evening, someone will meet their maker! After all, it can’t be a murder mystery without a “murder”! Once the person has been identified, there will be a second set of clues given out to the participants.  There is a script that is read aloud by everyone.  This is a very loose script that is not memorized and improve is encouraged!  Once the objectives have been completed, everyone votes for who was the killer, best costume, and best actor.  There is a small prize for those with the most votes as well as the person with the most wealth at the end of the night.

These are adults only events and you must RSVP for them.  The event includes a 3-course meal and participation in the murder mystery. We have hosted murder mystery dinners for 8-20 of our closest friends! You can also create a murder mystery for kids and teens as well; it would make for an unforgettable birthday or graduation party!

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